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The Innovator Diversity Pilots Initiative

We are changing the face of innovation. If we can quadruple the number of inventors, we will increase economic growth by $1 trillion, growing jobs and opportunity. 

We have quickly grown from a set of academics to a broad set of patent professionals, policymakers, and business and non-profit leaders working together for change.  Along with our partners, the Innovator Diversity Pilots Initiative engages with those seeking to grow the number of inventors from all backgrounds.  

Our approach is to meet organizations wherever they are in the process.  For organizations just starting to examine their patent metrics, we can help your leaders determine what works for and against invention in the organization.  We have successfully launched several large-scale surveys to establish baseline knowledge of the innovation process.  We then combine survey data with quantitative measures promoted by policymakers (e.g., the number of patent filings with at least one female inventor). 

For organizations seeking to change specific aspects of the innovation process, we can help your organization launch diversity pilots to determine the true impact of changing policies.  For example, does name-blinding improve invention disclosure success for first-time inventors?  Does transitioning from an opt-in to an opt-out invention disclosure process increase the participation rate of individuals from under-represented groups?  Are training programs led by affinity groups or patent professionals more effective?  Do inventor spotlights with famous people or peers inspire new ideas?  What awards systems best encourage high-quality innovation? 

Finally, we help organizations who know what is working well to scale it.  It is often the case that a policy while effective in a small group may not be scalable.  We examine common pitfalls to help leaders find the solutions and pilots most likely to scale and achieve the greatest returns.

Get in touch today to learn more about the Innovator Diversity Pilots Initiative and what solutions may best serve your organization.  Or if you have an idea on how we can do better within your community or industry to promote innovator diversity please let us know.

Diversity Pilots: About Us
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